Yodo Tripulación

Yodo Tripulación

100% Palomino

Yodo Tripulación


Yodo Tripulación is a tribute to Aponiente restaurant’s crew after their third Michelin star achievement. Ángel León, Juan Ruiz Henestrosa and Sergio Martínez selected this unique Fino en rama cask, venencia in hand, from among Lustau’s best soleras at El Puerto de Santa de María.

Yodo Tripulation is a clean and bright fino en rama, intensely yellow with golden reflections. Pungent on the nose, full of sea salt and low tide aromas with herbaceous, dry grass and bitter almond notes. Light and delicate palate entry, with a powerful and round finish where marine notes reappear.


15% Vol.

Average Age

6 years


Very dry

Yodo Tripulación is a limited fino en rama of which only 300 bottles are issued.


Quoting Juan Ruiz, Sommelier at Aponiente, Yodo Amontillado is “wine at the pinnacle of its maturity. Displaying salinity, complexity, intensity and length. An authentic Fino, pure, serious and traditional. A hefty port fino, as we like to call it at Aponiente.”

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Serving temperature

Serve at 7 – 9 ºC


Some of the most prestigious brands of the world look for the wisdom and know-how of Bodegas Lustau to create very unique, exclusive and limited products.

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